A typically resume friendly description of my efforts at putting pen to paper – or more specifically, keyboard tapping onto a word document – could perhaps summarise my writing ability thus: I am efficient at writing clear, concise and entertaining copy of varying lengths, in accordance to both external and self-imposed deadlines.

What this actually entails depends entirely on who or what I am writing for.  Such cv-savvy statements are all well and good, but what you want to see if you clicked on this page are examples of my work.

As well as The Velvet Onion, I’ve been writing as a contributor for leading music website Music News since February 2013, providing reviews of new releases and live shows, including citations as the featured articles on site and in the daily newsletters.

I’ve also utilised my specialist knowledge to write articles on alternative comedy for Such Small Portions; on Queen and Freddie Mercury for their official website Queenonline; and the world of Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures for charity publication The Sarah Jane Files.

Elsewhere, my work on more serious subjects has included articles on the changing face of Bury’s prestigious theatre The Met, and on the difficult work undertaken by The Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

Samples of this work will be made available shortly.


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