Review: Ligers – Goodbye/Break You


Ligers - Goodbye/Break You - There are some bands who effortlessly conjure up Summer vibes from the moment they play a chord. Ligers are one such combo: the London based four-piece having quietly released one of the finest debut EPs in recent times with theirWhat To Lose record last year.

Eighteen months on comes their debut single proper – the double A-side Goodbye/Break You. The former is a chilled out slice of jangly retro-pop, which sounds like it is itching to be on the soundtrack for a low-budget indie movie. The kind of movie that stars Philip Seymour Hoffman or Catherine Keener, and is all about emotions.

That’s not to do it a disservice. Hell, they’re usually great movies with stonking soundtracks, and this is a powerful piece – a strong vocal offering a determined yet melancholic focal point for the sun-drenched guitars and gentle drumming which builds to a powerful finale. Imagine if Fleet Foxes merged with Florence And The Machine, but the end result was way classier, and you’re not too far off the mark.

Second track Break You is a funkier offering, with vocalist Liz reaching almost Toyah-esque proportions of higher-range gymnastics.

Again, this is no bad thing, with a repetitive hook working to the song’s advantage, as it tries to worm its way into your memory banks.

Whether either song succeeds on that front depends entirely on your view on this kind of music, and whilst it won’t win over any new converts, the results are a fine second step from a band who may just become the next big thing.

Goodbye/Break You is out now.


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