Review: To Be Frank – Nothing EP


To Be Frank - Nothing EP - There’s something naturally intriguing about To Be Frank. The catch-all project for multi-instrumentalist and record producer Frank Pescod has the backing of Radio 1, 6 Music and many more, all from the strength of one of the most daring debut singles of recent times. If You Love Her has been a runaway success, and it’s now followed by a four-track EP entitled Nothing.

The title track is a natural stand-out, with it’s chorus embedding itself as a subconscious ear-worm after a few listens, and the production gloss immediately grabbing your attention. The energetic, electronic track paints a brooding soundscape, with its sleak, stylish sound boosting Pescod’s put-upon, melancholic vocal delivery.

Elsewhere, duet I Lied feels simpler, but nevertheless invigorating – it’s synthesized lo-fi percussion catching interest without getting in the way of the dual vocals of Frank and guest signer Hazel Tratt. The latter has a gentle, forlorn – if slightly generic – delivery which complements Frank well, and the song is screaming out to be added to a soundtrack album near you.

The remaining two tracks feel somewhat lesser than the sum of the lead songs, with Tears drawing comparisons with Depeche Mode’s more introspective moments, and Someone Else’s offering an acoustic take on the tortured soul effect. Nevertheless, the feelings behind these songs rings true, even if they don’t stand out the same way. And for a relatively new artist, this is no mean feat.

Wherever To Be Frank goes next, on the strength of Nothing, he deserves your attention.

Nothing is released on July 1st. Read our interview with To Be Frank here.


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