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Review: Monsters And Rabbits

© Film Or Die Productions / Neon Films

In the bowels of The Velvet Onion, you’ll find many a reference to a fascinating short entitled Dead Happy, directed by Nicky Lianos and featuring Alice Lowe and Tom Meeten as Grim Reapers on their 9-5.

Funded by Sky Movies Indie after Lianos won a competition in The Independent Newspaper to bring an idea to the screen, it was a beautifully shot, delicate flight of fancy, that marked Lianos out as a director to keep an eye on.

Those who had seen her previous short, Monsters And Rabbits, could have told you this already.  Led by a unique performance from James Bachman, and again featuring Alice Lowe, this earlier piece was shot back in 2009 by Neon Films in collaboration with Film Or Die, and was funded by the UK Film Council  and Film London.

Taken from the pen of David Lemon, and produced by Nicky Moss, the film tells the story of a young boy called Michael – a lonely only child whose fantastical adventures in a land of make-believe are punctuated by the omnipresent entity that is Kenny: a large bear-like creature of the boy’s imagination, coated in thick black fur and sporting a black clowns nose and skeletal face paint, brilliantly portrayed by James Bachman.

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