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Review: The Forgery Club @ The Albany 20.05.11


© Paul Holmes

It was always going to be an unusual night.  The posters, eerily reminiscent of the carvings of Vlad the Impaler given a Wicker Man-esque treatment, were surely enough to befuddle passers by on Great Portland Street, or the bevy of boozers on the ground floor of The Albany.  Meandering past the masses and down into the basement for the Forgery Club felt like we were part of a great secret.  Here, tonight, underneath the city, we were going to see something pretty damn special.

With punters cheerfully munching on the selection of buns and biscuits left on each table, few of them noticed Oona & Crispin Wheatflake sat in a corner booth, frantically making final preparations for their first ever club night.  With the various other acts on the bill pottering about, saying hello to their friends and followers, the pair slinked off into the depths of the backstage area to put the kettle on, pick their teabags and unleash the brew.

Soon Hot Brew were on stage, introducing a night of wonderment which, they promised, would end in a sacrifice.  Within minutes, one hapless bystander was wearing Oona’s tea-bag neckless – pyramid bags for extra blending opportunities, no less – and the pair launched into the familiar tale of Oona’s breakdown epiphany.

With the story of triple penetration in song format out of the way, the new age pair introduced the first act, and continued to return throughout the evening providing extracts from their forthcoming album whilst grating their roots.  Staying in character throughout the night, their new role as hosts gave Alice Lowe & Antony Elvin the chance to expand their live show into new territory, bookending performances with a degree of off-kilter philosophy that the crowd lapped up.  Forgery Club head honcho Bob Pipe undoubtably played his part in this success too! Read the rest of this entry