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Review: Submarine

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Submarine may not be what you are expecting.

The artistic poster designs, the art house trailer – could this really be the film debut from one half of the team behind madcap cult caper Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace?  A man who is perhaps best known as the nerdy-do-well Maurice Moss in The IT Crowd, or arguing with a tentacled pink head in The Mighty Boosh?

This, you understand, is not the opinion of your reviewer.  Richard Ayoade’s directorial work over the past seven years has been a visual treat, mixing a broad range of styles across seminal television series and groundbreaking music videos.  He’s even turned his hand to concert videos, with an award-winning Arctic Monkeys release in 2007.  Since then, when he hasn’t been emailing the fire brigade to notify them of a potential inferno, or winning games of Street Countdown, Ayoade has been busy crafting a debut to be proud of.

It’s safe to say that within the walls of arthouse cinema The Cornerhouse, the film has a better chance of finding its audience than it perhaps will in the multiplexes.  Tonight, in the Q&A that will follow the film, Richard is polite, verbose, quick witted and at times downright hilarious – every bit the comic genius he has proven himself to be since the early days of Garth Marenghi.  He is also calm, quiet and unassuming, and genuinely thankful of any praise both he and his film – which he continually downplays as being a disappointing thing – receive.

Based around the novel of the same name by Joe Dunthorne, Submarine tells the tale of young teenager Oliver Tate (portrayed by Becoming Human’s Craig Roberts) – a somewhat aloof boy living in a remote part of Wales with his caring, but tired parents, Lloyd and Jill (Noah Taylor and Sally Hawkins).  Imagining himself to be a literary genius whom the entire nation would mourn if he were to pass away, Oliver is prone to frequent flights of fantasy to alleviate the seeming pointlessness of his existence. Read the rest of this entry