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Interview: Alice Lowe & Jacqueline Wright


Those of you who have been following The Velvet Onion these past six months will need no introduction to the work of Jackal Films.  Former star of Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace, Alice Lowe has teamed up with her regular collaborator Jacqueline Wright to create a series of comedy shorts, once a month, and have been uploading the results to their website and YouTube.

The duo recently celebrated six months of Jackal Films, and with their next short mere days away from completion, we’ve been lucky enough to snag two of the busiest, and most prolific people in Booshdom for an in-depth interview.

Hi, Alice & Jacqueline – Welcome to TVO!  You’re now six months into Jackal Films.  Are you pleased with your progress so far?

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Alice: Yeah, I think we’ve sort of got better and more confident and raised the bar each time. Which makes it a bit nerve-wracking every month when you think to yourself: ‘how are we gonna top the last one?’ It’s a good driving force though, fear!

Jacqueline: Definitely! And we’ve been getting great feedback and support along the way, which has also been really motivational. Getting invited to speak at the Give Me Direction conference in Dublin was a huge boost for us, and I think it happened because Sharon Horgan, who was guest-curating the event, was so supportive of the Jackal project. I’m really pleased with the films though – and I can’t believe we’re half way through already.

Alice: I think when we started out we wanted loads of diversity in the style and content of the films and we have definitely achieved that. I like to think of Jackal as ‘a chocolate box’ of ideas. Everyone has their favourite. Which is true about Jackal – everyone seems to have their favourite film. Maybe everyone has one they’re just not bothered about either. That they hate in fact. Their own personal ‘toffee penny’. Though I love toffee pennies. That probably says a lot about me. Read the rest of this entry


Interview: Matt Berry


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Hi Matt, welcome to The Velvet Onion!  Obviously the big news right now is the new series of The IT Crowd.  How does it feel to have another six episodes under your belt?

Hi there. We only finished filming this series a couple of weeks ago.  Then I went on holiday, so I don’t really know what’s going on.  It’s fresh.

You joined the show after the departure of Chris Morris.  How did you end up getting involved?

Well, Graham Linehan asked me if I wanted to do it, which was a huge honor.  And then he wrote me a ridiculous character to play which was an even bigger honor.

It looks like there’s a great camaraderie on set. Does the team atmosphere help you strive to make the best show you can?

Anyone who gets to work with the people they respect is very lucky. I have to mention Katherine Parkinson as most of my scenes are with her.  I know that without her, I wouldn’t have a scooby-doo as to what I was doing!

How difficult is it to match the feel of the location work to the atmosphere on the live filming nights?

The thing is, location shooting has to be completed before the live nights, as I’m sure you know.  This can present problems if the story shapes itself differently during the rehearsals prior to audience night.  But I’m also aware that not one of your readers would have a knacker of interest in such techno-logistic polyamble.

It’s a big departure from the usual visual style and tone of your work, though. Do you prefer your comedy this way?

I’m happy to have an excuse to leave the house! Read the rest of this entry